elite Artwork Templates

Make sure to download and design your product on the appropriate template! All templates are available as editable PDFs that can be designed in any vector-based program. Check out our art guidelines page for more details on the design process, or feel free to give us a call at toll free at 866-354-8301, or locally at 714-434-1821, if you have any questions.

Pop-Up Canopies & Specialty Tents

5x5 Canopy Top Template

10x10 Canopy Top Template

10x15 Canopy Top Template

10x20 Canopy Top Template (Half-Sized)

13x13 Canopy Top Template

13x26 Canopy Top Template (Half-Sized)

60x82 Back Wall and 60x36 Side Skirt Template

120x82 Wall and 120x36 Skirt Template

180x82 Back Wall 120x36 Side Skirt Template

240x82 Back Wall and 120x36 Side Skirt Template (Half-Sized)

13x8.5 Back Wall and 13x3 Side Skirt Template


Flags & Banners

Bow Banners

7ft Bow Banner Template

10ft Bow Banner Template

12ft Bow Banner Template

15ft Bow Banner Template

Teardrop Banners

4ft Teardrop Banner Templates

6.5ft Teardrop Banner Templates

8ft Teardrop Banner Template

11ft Teardrop Banner Template

14ft Teardrop Banner Template

Flag Banners

10ft Flag Banner Template

13ft Flag Banner Template

16ft Flag Banner Template

Table Covers

4ft Fitted Table Cover Template

6ft Fitted Table Cover Template

8ft Fitted Table Cover Template

4ft Table Throw Template

6ft Table Throw Template

8ft Table Throw Template

6-8ft Convertible Table Throw

4ft Stretch Fit Table Cover Template

6ft Stretch Fit Table Cover Template

8ft Stretch Fit Table Cover Template

Trade Show Displays

EC-1 Banner Stand Template

RS1-23 Banner Stand Template

LD-1 Banner Stand Template

LD-2 Banner Stand Template

XL1-36 Banner Stand Template

XL1-48 Banner Stand Template

XL1-60 Banner Stand Template

10ft Horizontal Curve Tension Fabric Display Wall

10ft Straight Tension Fabric Display Wall

10ft Vertical Curve Tension Fabric Display Wall

Tension Fabric Display Counter

8x8 Expandable Display Wall

4x8 Expandable Display Wall

Promotional Umbrellas

7.5ft Market Umbrella Template

9ft Market Umbrella Template

6ft Market Umbrella Template

5ft Market Umbrella Template

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